We have picked a selection of tunes to represent each period of the bands recorded work. We tried to choose tunes that we haven't posted as mp3's on the site before and that represented that period of the band well. Enjoy!

You will need something to play these back (duh!). we recommend either iTunes (Mac), or Real Player (Windows). You can also get Quicktime, if all else fails.


Funky Lady (4.2 Megs): From a 1993 show in Pearl St. in Northamption "Unreleased" A never before released live version of a "Rippo-ized" Hendrix Classic

New World Order (Bullhorn Mix) (3.4 Megs): From the 1991 EP "R House" A never before released alternate mix with some special vocal effects.

Love Vibe (5.6 Megs): From the 1994 CD "Butter", a very cool rock-n-roll influenced tune featuring a great solo from D.

My Nike Air (4.2 Megs): THE classic Rippo tune. This version is the re-mix we did with DJ Nick Nastee for the 1994 album "Butter" (soon to be re-released and available on Rippo.com). The original version was on "R House".

Shock Me(8.2 Megs):A never before released Rippo tune. Exclusive to Rippo.com, this 1996 demo was recorded during pre-production for our "Swim" album. The song, although part of our live show during '95-'96, was dropped before the album sessions and never recorded again.

Funky(4.1 Megs):One of the final songs we wrote, features a smooth jazzy hip-hop feel that really swings from the 2001 CD "R.I.P"

What It Is (5.3 Megs): This song has probably been in the Rippo repertoire longer than any other song. Originally written back in 1988, the tune has gone through several reformations and arrangements. This version is from the 1997 album "Swim" and features and an awesome guest appearances by vocalists Meyer Statham (from Chucklehead) and Kit Kraysha.

Superstar (single mix) (4.3 Megs): From the 1999 EP "Superstar CD Single" A slightly different alternate mix released in 1999 on a 3 Song CD Single

Happy Little Monkey (4.5 Megs): A never before released track recorded live in Montreal Canada in July of 1998. Never released on any record, captures the Rippo "Live Experience" pretty well and features great solos by Greg Capozzi on Sax and Steve Lefebvre on Trumpet.

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