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April 24, 2005! News Flash!!! New Rippo Reunion Show Announced!! Rippopotamus announced today that they will again Headline at Harpoon Brewery's annual Summer Brewstock event on Friday June 3rd, 2005. The band will hit the stage 8:00pm, on the main stage. For more details and directions, parking and public transportation information go to Harpoon Brewery and we hope to see you at the Bash!We are also planning on recording this show and if all goes well perhaps releasing a new live record of the results...some come on down and sing along!!

December 2004Rippo drummer Rich Gordon has again returned to the fabulous confines of NP Studios to begin work on a new album project with a band called "Dixie Pricks". The album features unique and slightly twisted takes on Country Music and feature song titles like "Jellymaker from KY". Additionally, work on the 'Rich and Famus' record (now titled "No.1") continues. Gordon hopes to complete and release both records by year end 2005.

August 28th, 2004! News Flash!!! Rippo Reunion Announced!! After nearly 18 months since their last live performance the members of Rippopotamus announced today that they will Headline at Harpoon Brewery's annual October Fest on Saturday October 2nd, 2004. The band will play from 6:30 to 8:30pm, on the rock stage. For more details and directions, parking and public transportation information go to Harpoon Brewery and we hope to see you at the Bash!

December 2003 After nearly 3 years since the last Rippo album, Rippopotamus Drummer Rich Gordon returned to fabulous NP Studios to begin work on the obligatory post break up "Solo Album". But it's not really a solo album, as much as a studio project featuring players from some great Boston bands. The project is called Rich and Famus and features Matt Stubbs Band bassist Mean Johnnie B., Dr. Awkward drummer Dave Fox, NP Studio Honcho Nick Joyce and Guitarist Doren Bergey (who is also in a new band under way with former Rippo Guitar player D.). Gordon will be singing lead, and co-producing the record. The songs were mostly written by fellow Northampton MA musicians who were on the scene with Gordon during the early 90's. He expects to finish the record during the summer, with a release date to be determined later.

Russ Bogartz:"What I really want is to direct!" Former Rippo Trombone Player Russ Bogartz has entered the indie film world with a new film project. The film, written and directed by Bogartz, features both former Rippo Bandmates (Brian "Mr. Winky" Wallace, Greg Capozzi and Mike Stevens) and Rippo Tunes. The movie will have it's Northeast Premier at the Stoughton Pub Cinema on Saturday September 20th, 2003. Many Rippo sightings are expected. Rippo fans are encouraged to attend and support our budding Roofus!.

August 30th, 2003. Check out the Pix page for photos from the May 31st Rippo Union Show.Also, check out the new Image Gallery featuring Rippopotamus Poster art.

D. and Rich's new and still un-named project are expected to do some unannounced low key appearances in September to 'test drive' the project before booking gigs later in the fall. The band will feature more a rock feel than Rippo, with some unusual tune choices. Keep a look out for more later this fall!

May 8th, 2003! News Flash!!! Rippo Reunion Announced!! After nearly 2 years since their last live performance the members of Rippopotamus announced today that they will Headline at Harpoon Brewery's annual Brewstock Festival on May 31st, 2003. The band will play from 9 to 10pm, on the main stage. For more details and directions, parking and public transportation information go to Harpoon Brewery and we hope to see you at the Bash!

Rippopotamus Trombone Player Russ Bogartz has been working on a film project written and directed by himself and featuring 2 former Rippo members (Greg Capozzi and Brian "Mr. Winky" Wallace) taking a turn at acting.In addition the independent feature will be premeiring on the big screen at the Stoughton Pub Cinema this September and features several Rippopotamus tunes including 'Sump Pump'. The three also have a new band called Sleepin with Creepy Check out the 'Sleepin' With Creepy' site as the boys (&girl) are playing a number of shows in May and June! Check 'em out!!

Rippopotamus Drummer Rich Gordon and Guitar Player Dainis are working with long time friend, tour manager and engineer Nick Joyce at his fabulous new studio NP Studios. The duo has also formed a new band with former members of the bands 'Wilder Road'& 'Zen Tricksters'. The are currently developing material and look to start performing live mid-to-late 2003.

Former Rippopotamus frontman Michael Stevens has a new online company that provides introduction services for single adults.

Former Rippo bass player Al Martin was absorbed whole by his MacIntosh computer and was neither seen nor heard from again....except via e-mail.

Rippopotamus Trumpet Player D.B. Hilliard is returning to the music scene after the birth of his son Duncan. Deeb, as Rippo fans will remember him, is playing with a variety of bands and orchestras in the Boston area. Get in touch with him at dbhilliard@attbi.com.

Former Rippo Saxman Mike Alberici can be seen with various Big Bands around MA and NH as well as doing weddings. Mike teaches elementary school music and lives with his wife Pam and daughter Zoe in NH. You can e-mail him at alberici@mac.com

Former Rippo Trumpet Player Steve Lefebvre can still be seen playing with everyone, everywhere at all times. He still plays his ass off, and still lives in Worcester MA.

Former Rippo Sax Player Gerry Merra lives and performs for a living in Las Vegas Nevada. When we visited several years ago he had a great jazz group performing in the lounge in Bellagio. He continues to perform throughout Las Vegas and is making a very nice living, thank you very much.

Former Rippo Trumpet Player Brian "Mr. Winky" Wallace continues to play in his new band Sleepin' with Creepy. He also continues to be the butt of innumerable short jokes. He's also continues to be buff...go ahead just ask him. Nice lifts Wink!


New Rippo Baby!April 2003 Russ and Danielle Bogartz are the proud parents of a bably girl, Sophia Rose...congratulations!..and keep that plumbing away from the kid!..LOL...

November 2,2002:Below is an update from Greg Capozzi: "CHRONICLE" Comes to FELT: Last week was pretty exciting for the kid. The TV show Chronicle came in to do a profile on "Felt." Great exposure for the concept that I'm trying to create in this town. Once I find out the air date, I'll keep you posted. DJ SCHEDULE My typical residency is at Felt on Wednesdays from 10p-2a and Fridays from 6p-10p (w/live horns only on Fridays from 6:30-8:30). "SLEEPIN' WITH CREEPY" is giggin' at HARPER'S FERRY on 11/9 and RYLE'S on 11/23: Our funky, jazzy grooves are destined to make the dance floor come alive. In November we have 2 gigs lined up: 1. HARPER'S FERRY in Allston/Brighton. Perhaps the best live original music club in the city. We're opening up for Clutch Grabwell on Saturday night, November 9th. Our set will start some time between 9-10pm. 2. RYLE's in Inman Square, Cambridge is a popular jazz club, also bringing in some more contemporary artists. The gig is on Saturday, November 23rd and we'll be opening this night for a jazz organ trio. Most likely we'll hit at around 9 or 9:30pm for a 1 hour set.

February 8,2002: Rippopotamus Sax Player Greg Capozzi's gig at Club Level has been cancelled, however Greg is spinning at Exchange (State St.) on Friday nights from 6-9:30. They have a free buffet from 4-8pm now, so come by for a drink after work, get some grub, and jam to some of Calzone's grooves. My friend DJ Luca spins for the remainder of the night, and if you like high energy house, he's the guy to check out.

January 23,2002: Rippopotamus Sax Player Greg Capozzi has been Deejaying around Boston since the bands' demise. He begins a great new experiment of mixing live music and Deejaying at Club Level, located atop of Il Panino on Franklin St. Boston. In addition to providing his unique soulful DJ groove Greg will be appearing with live band 'Little Horse'. A good time is guaranteed for all.

January 2002: Former Rippo Trumpet player Steve Lefebvre recorded Trumpet parts for Cobra Bleu recording Artist Sara Morrow at NP Studios Although not involved in this project former Rippo Drummer and Guitar player, Richard & Dainis, are on staff. Check out the studio at www.npstudios.com. The album will be released in Europe in the spring. U.S. release date to be announced.

December 6,2001: Rippopotamus plays a reunion show for delighted attendees of Harpoon Holiday Party.

August 14,2001: Rippopotamus plays its final show at a private party thrown by long time Rippo Fan at his home in Chicopee MA.

June 6, 2001: Rippopotamus announces that after 11 years and 5 records the band will be releasing one final record entitled "R.I.P" today and calling it quits. The band will celebrate with a series of final farewell appearances in the Boston area wrapping up with a final public appearance at Ryles in Cambridge MA, on August 7th.

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