Blasts From the Pasts...Or When We Were Skinny


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This page is still under construction; lots more photos & such to come!


Mike at the 2003 Harpoon Brewstock Reunion Show.

The Horns Kickin' it at the 2003 Harpoon Brewstock Reunion Show.

OPA and D. bringin' the funk at Brewstock '03.


Roof and Slabby having a blast at Brewstock '03.

Mr. Winky hits the money note at Brewstock '03.

Mike and D. on our 1998 Midwest Tour.

Mike A.,Roof and Steve at a Harpoon Fest circa 1997.

The Horns at the China Club in 1991.


Al at the Pedro's Mountain Bike Festival in 1998 or 99.

O.P. on the 1998 Midwest Tour.

Our 2001 Promotional Photo.


Another 2001 promo shot.

The owner of the Empire Brewing Co. jamming with us on our 1999 Brewery Tour.

Rippo rocks Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville in Key West.


The band at Twisters in Amherst MA circa '92.

Rippo at Sir Morgans Cove Worcester MA circa 1995.

Rippo at the 1998 First Night Boston.

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